Men Fashion ClubMen Fashion Club Wed, 28 Mar 2018 10:22:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Mistakes to avoid while buying a watch Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:50:31 +0000 fashioniclub Continue reading ]]> Though buying a watch is never difficult, we made many mistakes while buying a simple watch. Watch is not just an addition to our wardrobe but it a timepiece which helps us to be responsible and punctual letting us know about the time. While buying a watch, one needs to look for different features of a watch. It is better to spend your tie in researching then buying a watch paying the high price. People do some common mistakes while buying watches. Avoiding these mistakes they can buy a great timepiece. Few of the mistakes one should avoid while purchasing a watch are discussed below-

1) Buy watch of inappropriate size

One of the common mistakes people do when buying a watch is bought a watch with the inappropriate size. This mistake usually happens when we do online shopping. Many people do not take the size measurement while buying a watch or anything from the online shop. But one needs to be confirmed about the size of the dial, straps, and everything of the watch before buying. If you are unable to get the appropriate information about the watch from a website, you can call their support center and ask them for the details of the watch. So, while buying a watch, be careful about the size of the watch.

2) Buy watch only seeing the brand recognition

Many people just run after the brand and buy anything just hearing the name of the brand. Well, no matter how famous brand it is for the watch, still you have to look the features, availability, and most importantly the compatibility of the watch with you. Buying a watch just for the brand recognition would be the lamest decision ever for anyone.


3) Buy watch with uncomfortable straps

One of the biggest mistakes people do while buying a watch is not checking the straps. If the straps of your watch are too small or large, you will feel uncomfortable wearing this.

4) Buy watch following the trend

The trend will come and go but definitely, you won’t change your watch after few months. It is better to look for the basic features and the function of the watch than buying a watch following the trend.

5) Buy replica instead of real one

If you want to stick to quality, you should not buy a replica watch. Well, if you have the low budget, you can buy the replica watch. But you should not expect the best service of the real watch in replica one. You will not find all of the features of u boat watch in the u boat watch replica version.

So, these are some mistakes which one should avoid while buying watch. Also here you can find the original source.

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